Deoghar Airport In Jharkhand । Airport PM Modi- AIIMS Hospital 16,800 Crore In 2022

Deoghar AirportPM Modi Inaugurates Deoghar Airport

Deoghar Airport The country’s SSC Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi has come to Deoghar to launch Deoghar Airport in Jharkhand, which encouraged a lot of people. In Deoghar airport, more and more people were very crowded to see Narendra Damodardas Modi, when When the Prime Minister landed from the Deoghar airport, Hemant Soren, the successful Chief Minister of Jharkhand, welcomed him with a garland of flowers.

Delhi To Deoghar Flight

Airplane from Deoghar AirportThe plane (aeroplane) that will go from Deoghar airport Which is like this from Deoghar to Kolkata, Deoghar to Ranchi, Deoghar to Patna, Deoghar to Delhi will go in such a way that the day Yaar Pot was inaugurated, many people excitedly to sit in the airplane and there has been great news for the people of Jharkhand. And it has become very beneficial for the people coming from other countries who can roam in Deoghar.

Jharkhand Airport

Jharkhand will get more airports And in addition to Deoghar airport, Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi has given instructions to build more airports in Jharkhand, which will become airports in Bokaro and Dumka.


Jharkhand Development Fund

Jharkhand Development 16,800 crore Jharkhand Santhal Pargana is going to get electricity speed for special Tourism, Airport, Temple, Road, and CNG gas traffic for development, which is the Prime Minister of our successful country Narendra Damodardas Modi Central Government has paid to give 16,800 crores for the development of Jharkhand. Jharkhand can get development and encourage people to come and go and tourism Mandir School College Yams Hospital.

AIIMS Hospital

Deoghar Jharkhand State has announced to provide a government hospital in Santhal Parganas District Deoghar and it has become the residents of our Jharkhand who belong to the poor middle class who can get free treatment for free, there are many poor in Jharkhand but from Jharkhand mineral wealth. Despite this, our farmers, people of Jharkhand are still poor, promoting this AIIMS Hospital, which can treat people well and for this, the Chief Minister of our Jharkhand state Hemant Soren and PM Modi Narendra Damodardas Modi taking a big decision on the poor. Has announced to give a hospital which has also been inaugurated in Deoghar.


Building Deoghar Airport And View Deoghar Airport

The airport in Deoghar district in Jharkhand has a very gorgeous view which attracts people, the airport in Deoghar is very beautiful, even now the airport is new, yet people go to see and the passengers seating arrangement is very beautiful Beautiful happiness There is a waiting room, the airport’s building is a wonderful engineer, the design of the airport is very good, people go there, they are left to see it, man Patko and this view is very good, the runway of Deoghar is very good, which airplane well Can land and there are many vehicles which can be easily accessible to the people who keep the car there and it makes the airport beautiful and the airport garden is very full of flowering plants which and Birsa Airport Makes Deoghar More Beautiful

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