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Rachel McAdams 2023

Bollywood etiquette has it that hen Hollyood Start Turn doun a role, they don’t talk about it. To do this woult be unfair to the actor potentially ruin them for the future for any worry of malicious comparisons.

Theree are exception of cource matt damon tells a good story about how he didn’t want to star in avatar largely out of facebitterness over the pay he missed out on Brad pitt will also admit that he turned doun the role of neo in the only instance he would name. Any other exception is of corxces Rachel mcadams which is because rachel Mcadams will happily tell eveyone years of her life where she turned down basically shee turned down basically event pretty great role 

In total Mcadams completed five films in 2006 and 2008. They where all huge , and they all definitely change the trajectory of her career . the movies she turned down are Casino Royale , Iron Man The Davil Wears prada mission Imossible .

In new Bustle Profile Mcadams looks back on her lost years with a mix of regret and helthhy with a mix of regret and healthy perspective . I felt qulity for not taking advantages of the opoportunity that was being offered to me , because I knew  I was In Such a lucky Place she said But I also Knew it was form within of cource there wewe some anxious moments wondering if was throing it all away.

But did he later regret turning down those roles ? Almost cerainly not. We can take get smart out of the education right away since it was a bad movie that no one remembers anyway in mission Impossible III , he probably would have gotten the role that Michelle eventually got Purely because eventyone confused here does but Monaghan s role want’t particular exciting and now his subsequent mission impossible films have involved impossible films have involed doing almost nothing so it was grguable a hoax

Casino  Royale and the devil weares prada can also be ruled out all on the basis that they found the ideal actors eva Green the Vesper Lynd has a cold detachment to her that almost no other actor could touch and anne hathaways uncanny desire to be liked by almost everone streep in the ideal for merrl steep in prada . today news usa davcil.


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