The State Of Education Today

Education is the process of facilitating learning or the acquisition of knowledge, Skills,Values,Beliefs, and Habits. It enables people to know the world begond their own Surroundings and Transforms them into becoming rationalist and humanist in out look and word view. In this modern , ara education is no more imparting knowledge or teaching to a child to know more about society unfortunately in almost every institution. Such Institutions charge a huge amount in return for the facilities they provide in same of the best educational institution of the world, Donation are taken in return of registering an average students and giving him education.

In short education has become commercialised advertisement mode by the school and colleges, coching institutes etc are methods of getting more and more customers in the form of students Basically Paronts are being cheated in the name Component for shaping a crucial component for shaping a person for citizenship in the society and become it’s contributiong member. The System of education in the world has to improve providing the meaning of education has to improve.Provide education should mean giving quality education to the youths to Develop The World..

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