Waves of suicide drones strike Ukraine’s capital, 3-4 killed

Waves of suicide drones strike Ukraine’s capital, 3-4 killed.

Waves of suicide drones laden with explosives devastated Ukraine’s capital as families prepare to start their week early Monday, explosions reverberated in Kyiv, buildings caught fire and people were sent to shelters.

 Russia has repeatedly denied targeting civilians in Ukraine, but as CBS News senior foreign correspondent Holly Williams reported, a neighborhood that hit Kyiv on Monday is full of apartment buildings, schools and restaurants

Even in a city that has become seriously accustomed to airstrikes since the start of its invasion by Russia in February, such a concentrated use of drones has stirred panic and fearful nerves. Buoyed, people panicked as they scanned the skies as they sought shelter.

The drones used in the attack included Iranian-made Martyrs. Previous Russian air strikes were mostly with missiles on Kyiv. To read more visit the link in the bio.


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